Policy of CSS LLC in a quality field has been directed towards growth of quality of management of staffing and recruitment services and trusted assets through planning and implementation of Quality Management System measures:  

“CSS” is guided by the following principles in its field:  

·       Introduction of services with standard quality through uninterrupted improvement of the Quality Management System and its adaptation to requirements of ISO 9001:2015 International Standard;

·       Provision of professional services by highly prepared, motivated and friendly personnel;

·       Keeping constant relations with customers and with all interested parties in order to identify and meet their demands and desires; 

·      Determining the risks, evaluate them, and taking action in order to decrease their severity and occurrence;

·      Ensuring that all measures are taken to identify all inconsistencies and their reasons, settle and report on them, and prevent from their repetition;  

·       Creation of opportunities for maximum participation of the company personnel during ensuring provision of quality services; 

Management of “CSS” LLC will take all necessary measures for the followings:

·       Communication of CSS policy to all employees of the company, interested parties and the public;

·       Introduction of necessary resources for performing the above-mentioned measures;

·       Implementation of a policy in the field of quality;

·       Increase of efficiency of the QMS, ensuring its conformity, and its funding;

·       Active participation of all personnel of the company in the process of compliance with requirements of the QMS;

·       Ensuring global monitoring of work processes and their further analysis by the management;